Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Caramel with Black Sea Salt

There's a mess on my desk and I don't care...
I can't believe this has been sitting in my fridge for a month!  

These TJ dark chocolate bars started popping up back in June and I never really gave them much thought until the woman in front of me mentioned how happy she was to finally see them back in stock.   

{Grabbed for nom attack. 

There's another version with toffee chips that's pretty good but nothing compared to the Caramel with Black Sea Salt version.  Tasty dark chocolate with a sticky caramel center and just enough saltiness from the black sea salt.  I won't pretend I know what black sea salt tastes like, but if you flip the box over they'll tell you more:  

Exotic Hawaiian Black Sea Salt hails from the Pacific seawater that surrounds the Hawaiian islands. This stunning black salt is evaporated in above ground pools that form naturally from lava flows. Together, its smoky aroma and intense caramel complement this sophisticated dark chocolate experience. 

Artsy fartsy packaging, high quality chocolate, a faux trip to the islands for $1.99 ...  
Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Caramel with Black Sea Salt:  nom attack. approved :)

Rice Krispie Treats

52 Weeks of Baking- this was my 2010 resolution.  Bake anything from scratch at least once a week.  It was tough and I tried to cut corners by baking more than one item a week to skip next week's.  Although I didn't make the full 52 weeks, the idea of baking for enjoyment truly rooted and I continue to hunt for more recipes to test.

The end goal is always warm fuzzies - to share and feel.

I want to share the ultimate warm fuzzies recipe.  It's a cheat because it's not baking, but these treats bring smiles and OMGs every time I bust them out.  Here's my nom attack. version:

Dora <3 Batman Sprinklies Wedding Cake, made with love
Rice Krispie Treats

5.5 cups of Rice Krispies
1 stick of butter, cut into smaller chunks
1 10 oz bag of mini marshmallows
1 teaspoon Vanilla extract

Empty about 90% of the mini marshmallows into a microwave safe mixing bowl.  The left over is about one handful's worth.  I keep it in the fridge for later batches.  Top the marshmallows with the butter and microwave for 2 minutes.  Stir well with a lightly greased spatula.  Add the vanilla extract, stir again.  Microwave another 30 seconds to fully melt the mixture.  Stir well and start to smell the yumminess!  You can add chocolate, peanut butter, toffee chips, etc at this point.

Mix in the krispies and flatten the mixture into your lightly greased pan, mold, pyrex- any container will do.  Flatten and press.  I roll a soup can on top of wax paper to really pack the krispies.  Leave the krispies to rest at room temperature, or if you have an empty oven, leave the krispies in the oven to prevent dust from invading.

30 minutes later minimum..... nom attack!!!!!   

I'm an auntie!

Gently cradle the burrito baby, or I will cry. 
Crazy news - auntie to a precious nephew :) and a super burrito!!!

This weekend was great!
I can't even begin to describe how amazing it is to find the 15 inch Especial Burrito at Tacos Mi Rancho in Oakland.  This amazing taco truck is at the triangular intersection of 1st Ave & E 14th St, close to International and open till 3am on weekends.  I had the al pastor version and comes standard with guacamole sauce and sour cream, pinto beans, cheese, and just the right amount of rice.  It's mind blowing.  The normal burrito is $6, but for $10 you can nom.attack 15 inches, both with the same fixings.  Carnitas tacos were also delicious on the previous visit.

*Ask for chips and extra salsa & share.

Super Burrito:  nom attack. approved :)

Next Stop: Sura

How to balance my mom voice "save money"  with my 24/7 grumbling stomach "feed the beast".... 

Daily junk email notifications from deal websites.  Most of the deals are pretty stale and go straight into the trash bin, but sometimes I seriously luck out and find a deal for a place that's actually on my to eat list! 

nom.attaaaaaaacK!!! at Sura for some all you can eat korean BBQ!  Living Social is hooking it up today with a $15 for $30 at Sura.  I've been hovering all over the Yelp reviews, walking past the Sura front doors, and waiting for another group of Sf kids to cross the bridge for a visit.  This is perfect for the coming winter when all you want is a solid meal.  

discounted Sura:  nom attack. approved :)  nom.Nom.NoM attack. approved :)


I love ramen - especially the fried noodle kind.

There's no such thing as willpower when I just restocked my stash on top of the fridge.  All it really takes is tippy-toe-reach and about 6 minutes of stove time (I like to parboil the noodles to degrease and de-starch).  It's sad but this is the first nom attack. I have to report to you.  It's nice to know that I am not alone in this indulgence.

Shin ramyun:  nom attack. approved :)